Focused on expanding our areas of activity and aligning with ONU’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals, our objective is to generate social impact whilst promoting relationships through volunteering work and projects that are relevant to society. Find more about our main projects below.


Re-Ciclo, or Re-cycle, is an initiative that promotes environmental protection, job generation and financial empowerment for women from impoverished communities in the country’s capital district. With the knowledge learned during artisan paper making and cartonnage workshops, these women are able to change theirs and their families stories.


Futuro Bordado, or Embroidered Future, is a project that teaches female prisoners how to produce handicrafts such as embroidery, paper recycling and cartonnage. Thanks to this project, they can become artisans, generate income, reintegrate in society and have the opportunity to embroider a brand new reality for themselves.


Bola ao Alto, or Jump Ball, was created with the aim of generating opportunities for children and adolescents under protective custody by having basketball as its main tool.

It is through basketball workshops, tutoring classes, citizenship and vocational courses that these children and adolescents are offered new prospects of a brighter future.


The Volunteer Exchange project seeks young graduates from various fields to travel around the country helping out with different social projects.

The idea behind this initiative is to foster an immersion into diverse cultural realities whilst making professional contributions. A real exchange of knowledge and expertise.


Flor de Maio’s main focus is to provide legal aid to women who are in vulnerable situations, victims or potential victims of domestic violence such as those going through divorce or custody. Flor de Maio is a breath of fresh air during difficult circumstances.



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